Fairway - Hickory Golf Brush

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Green Tether - Club Cleaner
  • Firm nylon bristles won't harm clubs or snag towels
  • Select American Hickory handle
  • Easy-to-detach nickel trigger snap
  • Matte finish accentuates wood grain
  • Handcrafted in the USA
    Color: MediumSeaGreen

    New Product Design

    Improved brush features

    On Aug. 1, 2023, we made some significant changes to our product line of Original Hickory Golf Brushes. We've detailed them here:

    Enhanced Hardware

    We've introduced a refined and more compact nickel trigger snap for the brushes. This modern yet timeless piece of hardware is both stylish and durable, seamlessly combining form and function.

    Elevated Focus on Hickory

    Shifting our attention away from paint stripes, our core product line now places a stronger emphasis on the quality of our hickory handles. To emphasize the natural wood grain, we've transitioned to a matte finish.

    Expanded Tether Options

    We’ve added a wider array of tether colors for those who want a pop of color or something to go with their bag. Furthermore, we've introduced the retractable Coil brush, catering to golfers requiring additional reach during their round.

    Optimal Nylon Bristles

    Through rigorous testing, we have confirmed that our extra-firm nylon bristles offer the ultimate solution for effectively cleaning grooves. Unlike metal bristles, they won't harm your clubs or snag towels.

    Proudly American Made

    As always, we take immense pride in our handcrafted products, meticulously produced right here in the United States. No other wooden golf brush can say that. We are the Original Hickory Golf Brush.

    Customer Reviews

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    The brush looks even better in person! It looks great on my bag and does a great job cleaning my clubs.